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1.5klo Polysterene Box and corrugated outer box

Product Details

Corrugated sleeve will enhance the quality and presentation               

of your parcels while also providing products with even more protection and

another layer of insulation. Can also increase the life span and durability of the pack

Polystyrene boxes make excellent insulated food containers and provide the very best insulation for temperature sensitive products in transit. No other packaging material insulates as well or is as cost effective.

All our Expanded Polystyrene boxes have the following features making them perfect for all your temperature controlled packaging needs.

insulation delivery recyable
Excellent insulation Free Delivery 100% recyclable


External Dimensions 340 x 200 x 135mm
Internal Dimensions 300 x 165 x 100mm
Wall Thickness 20mm
Volume (litres) 5 litres
Capacity (kg) 1.5klo
Box Type Deep Polysterene Box and corrugated outer box





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