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MRC Flava Glazes

Here's Five Great Reasons to trust

MRC's great range:

1. Ready in Minutes

So easy to prepare; simply coat the meat or poultry

with our dry glaze by putting the proteinin a plastic bag

along with the dry glaze and give it a shake, it really is that simple.

2. Convenient & Easy

Available in convenient 2.5kg red tubs, it’s easy to make a meal of any protein and even easierto increase your profits by creating added value meal solutions for your customers. 

3. Looks and Tastes Great                                                                         

Our glazes not only look great in your counter display, the ingredients

we use create a deliciously clean taste that

enhances any meat or poultry.

4. No Drip Loss

Our dry glazes adhere to the protein ensuring a coating that provides

excellent coverage with minimal no loss or waste.

5. Long Shelf Life

All our glazes can be stored at ambient temperature for a full 12 months from date of production, even after opening.