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25klo Re-usable Heavy Duty Black Cool Box and L

Thermo Box range is made from EPP (expanded polypropylene) which is an excellent insulator just like our Polystyrene boxes. Thermo boxes are suitable for any kind of hot or cold catering and are robust enough to be reused over and over again

Whether you're catering for small or large events, weddings, hospitals or schools we should have a thermo box to match your requirements. The Thermo Boxes insulation cannot be beaten and can be relied upon to transport your foods from kitchen to consumer maintaining a stable temperature and food quality

External Dimensions:  790 x 395 x 255mm
Internal Dimensions:  730 x 335 x 195mm
Wall Thickness:         30mm
Volume (litres):        50 litres
Box Type: Re-usable Heavy Duty Black Cool Box and Lid